Testimonial – Cindy Schilling

Cindy Schilling“Therapy was very easy to work with; they scheduled appointments around my schedule, not theirs. Very kind and courteous staff that was always there to answer questions. They made it a pleasure to go to therapy”.

Cindy came to us after years of having pain in her left knee due to arthritis and deciding to undergo a left knee replacement this fall. She was very limited with her motion, strength, and coordination of her muscles in her left leg. She experienced elevated pain which was really limiting her ability to walk, get in and out of the chair, driving a car or even getting groceries. After 6 weeks of physical therapy including manual therapy, electrical stimulation, strengthening and balance activities she regained full range of motion of the knee. Cindy is no longer in pain and can now return to all of her usual daily activities without any limitations. She plans to return to golfing without pain this spring! 


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