From Independent Living to Long-term Care

As the 76.4 million Baby Boomers and their 50 million Silent Generation parents age, many make lifestyle choices that involve downsizing and simplify daily life. In the case of Baby Boomers, their existing real estate can be one reason for the change, usually due to them being empty nesters in a large home.

Welcov Healthcare has a series of options for both Baby Boomers and their parent ranging from Independent Living communities to Long-term Care, sometimes on the same campus.

Respite Care

When you’re overwhelmed by the demands and stresses of caring for a dependent loved one at home—or you just need a break, our Respite Care is there to help. Whether you want a couple of days or several weeks, our skilled and compassionate staff provides your loved one with the individualized care they need.

In-home Health

Welcov’s home health professionals deliver care right to your front door so you or your loved one can recover, regain your independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible. Our caregivers meet your medical needs, and assist with daily tasks while developing a trusting relationship with you and your family.

Independent Living

Making the move to an Independent Living community usually has to do with downsizing, convenience, and safety in an apartment setting. The responsibilities of yard upkeep and exterior maintenance are left to someone else, and the buildings are secured.

The word community is important, in that, as we age, we sometimes lose touch with friends and neighbors due to distance. Our vibrant and active Independent Living communities encourage getting together with other residents who usually have a lot in common.

Assisted Living

When daily chores such as taking medication, cooking, and cleaning become a bit much, transitioning to Assisted Living can be a logical move. A small bit of help on a daily basis can greatly increase the quality on one’s life. It’s also nice to know that there can be medical assistance at a push of a button. 

Long-term Care

Health conditions or a change in living circumstances can necessitate the move to Long-term care. This option can provide hospital-quality services in a residential setting. Our locations provide services ranging from Orthopedic and Joint Care to Brain Injury Services.

Hospice Care

When your loved one has a chronic or terminal illness, hospice can provide supportive and compassionate care. Our hospice treatment focuses on comfort and quality of life, allowing patients to be free of pain and live as dignified as possible.

At Welcov, we have residents who enter our continuum of care at every level. Contact us and we’ll be happy to suggest the option that’s right for you or your loved one.


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