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Complex Medical Care

It is very common for aging adults to deal with multiple medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory problems. Welcov Healthcare has enhanced its programming to provide multiple medical treatments, medications, and more complicated health care.

Complete Care

Our staff is specially trained in complex medical care and we utilize state-of-the-art equipment to treat complicated conditions. Often times, Welcov Healthcare will provide care to patients that other facilities will not accept because their needs are medically complex.

Valuable Tools

Welcov Healthcare utilizes a program that can promote faster recovery from health problems and also reduce resident readmissions to hospitals. Daylight IQ™ is a disease management system from Clinical Outcomes Management Systems. It’s a computer software program that enables physicians and our nurses to more effectively manage residents who have multiple medical conditions.

The program outlines recommended, diagnostic-specific assessments based on care pathways and guidelines. Nurses regularly perform the assessments and the data entered is then organized in easily reviewable formats. The care team compares and analyzes the data on a regular basis, using the information to track the effectiveness of the care plan and make treatment adjustments as prompted.

“Evergreen provides me with great care, close to home. They are able to care for my complex medical needs through clinical monitoring, wound care and therapy services. The nurses are wonderful; they take time to explain procedures and make sure I am comfortable. They are working with me to help me return home when I am able.”

—Larry, patient at Evergreen Terrace Healthcare Community

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