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Addressing Your Concerns

We know the decision to enter a skilled nursing or assisted living community can be a confusing and overwhelming time. It often causes stress and anxiety. There are sometimes feelings of guilt and anger. These emotions are normal and you are not alone. 

Our admission directors are trained experts in dealing with the transition to our communities. We’ve created a list of advice to help ease this process.

Become informed

Before admission, research the topic. Read as much as you can on the subject and discuss your fears and concerns with others who have gone through the experience. Discuss the admission agreement and Bill of Rights with the admission director to become acquainted with the perimeters of your care.

Know the cost

Try to have a good understanding of the costs and payments that you will run into upon admission. Understand the differences between Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance funding. Look for an explanation of costs and extras in the admission agreement. If you have hired an elder lawyer or geriatric care manager, don’t hesitate to ask for explanations.

Prepare yourself for unexpected emotions

Both family members and residents should understand and be prepared for mixed emotions, including everything from fear and anxiety to anger and confusion. Our team is trained to help guide you through this difficult decision and make the transition easier. It’s important to remember that over time, these feelings will be eased by Welcov Healthcare’s quality care and compassionate staff.

Come to terms with guilt

Many families have additional feelings of guilt. These are powerful and sometimes overwhelming emotions. It’s important to remind yourself why you are making this decision, which is for the benefit of your loved one. You have already decided that you need assistance in providing care.

Communicate your expectations

Don’t be afraid to tell us what’s on your mind. This is the time to share feelings, concerns, suggestions and ideas to help coordinate care. Every detail is important information. We have found that good communication is the key to a successful transition.

Find support

Remember to lean on others. One way to find guidance and support is by joining Family Council. Our communities offer this program so families can connect with others who are in a similar situation. Many facilities also schedule support groups for families who are dealing with specific medical conditions.

“It blows me away... to see such genuine warmth, patience and respect from everyone... nurses, LPNs, techs, PTs, dining staff, activity staff, maintenance crew, chaplain, professionals... no pretense, just real.”

—Ann, niece of resident at
Evergreen Terrace 

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