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Assisted Living FAQs

We know you may have questions about taking this next step forward in your or your loved one's life. Rest assured, we can answer any question. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Assisted Living.  

Can my family spend the night?

For the most part, guests can spend the night. Check with your individual community for details. 

Can I bring a pet?

Some communities allow pets with a pet deposit. Check with your individual community for information. 

Do I bring my own furniture?

Yes, it’s a good idea to bring furniture to make your apartment feel like home. There may be some limitations because of space. 

Do you offer activities?

Yes, we offer many organized and individualized activities, including programs conducted and sponsored by local schools and outside organizations.

How much does it cost and will insurance cover my stay?

Assisted Living is usually paid for privately. However, if certain criteria are met, a prospective tenant may qualify for certain state-provided funding. Some insurance policies pay for assisted living. Check with your local insurance agent for more information. Learn more about assisted living payment options.

Can I bring my car? Is there a place to park?

You can bring a car to your community. All of our assisted living/board and care facilities have parking available and some will have garages. Check with your individual community for details. 

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