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Welcome to Welcov Healthcare

We strive to help residents reach their fullest potential, which for many means returning home. Families enjoy peace of mind, comforted to know their loved ones are cared for with the utmost respect and dignity. 

About Welcov Healthcare

Welcov Healthcare, with roots dating back to 1997, serves thousands of clients in our more than 60 long-term care, short-term care, and assisted living facilities and home health agencies throughout Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming. Chief Executive Officer Paul Contris originally founded the company as Mission Healthcare with its first community in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. We later acquired more than a dozen long-term care and assisted living facilities in Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming. In December 2012, Mission Healthcare completed a major step in expansion with the addition of Lantis Enterprises. The agreement included 22 long-term care centers, 11 assisted living facilities and 6 home health agencies in the Northern Rocky Mountain and North-Central Plains regions.

Today Welcov Healthcare continues to expand serving thousands of residents and patients with our transitional care, ventilator care, memory care and a variety of other specialty services

We believe in making a difference every day.

Welcov Healthcare fosters an environment of compassion and care that makes the resident feel at home. We stand by our core values of accountability, compassion, respect, empowerment and trust. We have a holistic approach in caring for residents who come to our communities. That means we address all aspects of people’s needs—physical, psychological and social. We accomplish this by building relationships with the residents and their families.

We’re dedicated to a resident-centered approach.

Our communities give residents, their families and caregivers on the frontline a stronger voice in care. This means providing more choices to residents from the type of foods they eat and clothes they wear to managing their daily schedule.

It’s our mission to exceed customer expectations through genuine quality care, innovative services and positive operational outcomes. And our vision to be the premier provider of healthcare services in the communities we serve.

See how we can serve you.

Whether it’s short-term care, long-term careassisted living or home health, our many communities offer a variety of services to meet your individual needs. We invite you to explore the many ways that Welcov Healthcare can serve you or a loved one.

“It blows me away... to see such genuine warmth, patience and respect from everyone... nurses, LPNs, techs, PTs, dining staff, activity staff, maintenance crew, chaplain, professionals... no pretense, just real.”

—Ann, niece of resident at
Evergreen Terrace